IV Infusion Therapy

Intravenous therapy (or IV Therapy) is a safe and effective way to deliver nutrients directly to a patient’s circulatory system, allowing the nutrients to bypass the digestive tract thereby guaranteeing a more significant delivery of nutrients to the body. — Using IV therapy, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, antioxidants and amino acids are put directly into the bloodstream, guaranteeing maximum absorption and faster healing.

How Does It Work?

Nutritional IV therapies are administered directly to the bloodstream, which allow for the cells in the body to receive these nutrients directly. On average, only 20% of even the best multi-vitamins and supplements are being absorbed into your body when taken orally. Adding a regular regimen of IV nutrient therapy, is an effective way to maintain good health and can help prevent dehydration and vitamin-deficiency. 


Intramuscular Injections

B-12/ Methylcobalamin $25 / shot

 B-complex with B-12 $25 / shot

Siberian Ginseng/B-12 $25 / shot

“The Skinny” MIC $39/ shot

B-12/ Methylcobalamin

  • Supports cardiovascular health, nerve function, blood cell formation and sleep.
  • Why Methylcobalamin not cyanocobalamin? Methylcobalamin is already in the biologically active,
    tissue-ready form. Evidence indicates the body utilizes Methylcobalamin more efficiently than it does cyanocobalamin.

B-complex with B-12

  • Increased energy
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Mood enhancement
  • Nervous system support
  • Supports weight loss as deficiencies of certain B vitamins have been associated with increased risk of obesity
  • Several B vitamins including B12 are essential for correct metabolism of carbohydrates

Siberian Ginseng/B-12

  • Stress support
  • Increased energy
  • Mood enhancement

“The Skinny” MIC

  • These shots are formulated to help you lose stubborn weight and be able to keep it off too.

  • intense metabolic rate support
  • fat-burning systemization support
  • Increased energy

IV MENU $149 per Treatment- Buy two or more and save $10 per treatment!


Recovery & Performance

For those times when you have been burning your engine on all 6 cylinders. This nutrient IV packed full of Vitamin C, B vitamins, amino acids and minerals will get you back on your training schedule with stamina, improved energy and performance.


Get Up & Go

This nutrient rich IV provides B vitamins (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine and B12) along with key amino acids Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine and Citrulline that have been shown to support your cells and body in energy production. Who needs an energy drink when you have Get Up & Go!


In need of a immune boost? The nutrients vitamin C, B- complex vitamins and Glutathione will provide the specialized immune fighting cells with an arsenal of fighting power to get you back on your game.


Quench provides the cells in your body with nutrients to support one’s overall body health especially in times of increased stress. Whether physical, mental or emotional stress, the nutrients found in Quench can help support the body with a boost of stress relieving nutrients such as vitamin C, B vitamins, and minerals.