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Sedona’s Best Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine TCM

Acupuncture is the most commonly known treatment modality used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  By piercing meridian points located at the surface of the body, the deeper circulatory channels and organs of the body are accessed, and the bodies natural healing resources are activated. Our licensed professional acupuncturists, LA.c. will customize your acupuncture or tuina (acupressure) treatment so that you can achieve the best results, including relief from headaches & migraines, wrist pain & carpal tunnel syndrome, neck, shoulder and lower back pain & sciatica, knee pain & ankle sprains, and tennis elbow, as well as emotional issues including stress, depression, insomnia, hypertension and even menstrual irregularities, digestive problems, common colds & More! 

Also note that one should not do acupuncture on a completely empty stomach (ie: 10am sessions) as it could cause some light-headedness or nausea.


Experience the wonderful health and wellness benefits listed above that acupuncture has to offer! Each treatment is customized to promote optimal balance and well-being as well as addressing any issues you discuss and meeting any goals you have.

60 minute / $99
90 minute / $139


Tuina (Acupressure) Massage

This is an ancient Chinese healing art that promotes health by using massage, body manipulation techniques, and applying finger pressure to the same points and meridians used in acupuncture. It can stimulate and balance the body’s energy and helps increase circulation, strengthen weaknesses, relieve tension and common ailments, aid in the prevention of health disorders, and restore the body’s natural self-healing abilities. Clients wear loose clothing and remain fully clothed throughout the entire session. Sessions are customized for each client so light or deep pressure or some combination may be used. Sessions are usually conducted in a peaceful, silent manner, but if you have questions, always feel free to share. $109 / 60mins per person and $149 / 90mins per person


Gemstone Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture

Enjoy a surgery-free face lift using high energy gold plated needles and crystal gems. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture reduces the signs of aging, improves skin’s circulation and elasticity while realigning energy, balancing chakras & improving focus and clarity. This unique session includes tui na facial massage, gua sha lymph drainage using Jade, painless facial acupuncture including a gold plated needle at the crown, reiki hands above healing and crystals: Lepidolite for beauty, Labradorite to reduce stress, Rose Quartz for self-love + beauty, Aquamarine for anti-aging, Quartz Crystal to magnify results & Obsidian to clear. You’ll take home the crystals used as well as a photo of the facial grid so you can repeat the crystal healing. Note this is an anti-aging treatment and energy / chakra balancer, there is no cleanse, mask, moisturize as with our VIP facial. $179 / 60mins 

Acupuncture Combos


BioMagnetic ReAlignment Combo 3hrs for $299!

ReAlign your body, mind and soul with a combination of Biomagnetic Massage using magnetic stones and the strategic placement of dual-polarity rare earth magnets on the body to help increase circulation and correct pH imbalances in the tissues followed by an Acupuncture + Tuina combo. This session uses a combination of the Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities of Tuina, using massage, body manipulation techniques, and applying finger pressure to the points and meridians used in acupuncture while utilizing acupuncture needles on other corresponding points. This powerful combo can help alleviate chronic pain, injuries, or illnesses while helping restore the body’s natural self-healing abilities and may increase focus, clarity and energy for a total realignment! 90mins each or 2hrs Biomagnetic + 1hr Tuina+Acu. This combo is normally $349 so take advantage of our Summer Promo Pricing!


Soul ReBalance Combo 3hrs for $299!

Use the power of Tuina and Acupuncture rebalance the body’s meridians along with your choice of specialized Energy session to rebalance chakras, the mental body (thoughts) and emotional body (feelings). This combo brings the insight to see the path to deep and lasting change while giving the focus needed to step onto that path. This combo of 90 minutes Energy session & 90 minutes Tuina + Acupuncture is $408 so take advantage of our Summer Promo Pricing!

tuina acupuncture Sedona spa NAMTI

Acu & Tuina Combo 90mins for $169!

Enjoy the benefits of Tuina Massage and Traditional Acupuncture with this combo! In the 90min session receive 30mins of Tuina and 60mins of Acupuncture / $169, while in the 60min session receive 15mins Tuina & 45mins of Acupuncture / $119.

Acupuncture Combos


In Cupping a partial vacuum is created by means of heat or suction, which stimulates the flow of fluid and blood in the body. Studies have shown that cupping can affect tissues as deep as four inches underneath the surface of the skin, causing toxins to release, lymph flow to increase, and increasing circulation at the cellular level. When there is a significant amount of reaction to the cups, they may leave red or even purplish rings where the cups were placed. The rings are evidence of the stagnant blood coming to the surface of the body. These marks usually go away in 4-6 days, and rarely last more than 10 days. $15 add on to traditional Chinese acupuncture or massage or $69 for a 30min session.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is an ancient therapy that activates the lymphatic system, breaking down scar and fibrous tissue while relieving pain & soreness. The techniques involves a gentle scraping of the surface of the skin. Oil is placed on the skin, and then short brisk strokes are applied using a smooth rounded object. This painless scraping motion will cause a redness of the skin, called sha. The darker the sha, sometimes even purple, the more toxins and stagnation are being released. Patients will leave feeling an immediate sense of relief and increased relaxation. $15 add on to traditional Chinese acupuncture or massage.

​Herbal Consultations

Chinese herbs have been used for many centuries to restore balance to the body. Our Acupuncturist can discuss your issues and concerns and order the appropriate Chinese herbs to help balance your system. Call for a consult today!