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Facial and Body Waxing in Sedona, AZ

Removing unwanted hair can be a frustrating and even painful process. Shaving requires daily upkeep and leaves behind stubble and thick regrowth. Laser hair removal by contrast may be prohibitively expensive. In addition, home hair removal creams and kits can often be hard on skin and fail to deliver desired results. Alternatively, waxing helps you achieve smoother, softer skin and reduces regrowth with continued treatment. Many people are also surprised at how comfortable waxing can be when it is performed by skilled, licensed aestheticians.

At NAMTI Spa, we offer waxing services that are gentler on the skin so that you can remove unwanted hair with ease. If it’s your first time getting a wax, your aesthetician will take extra time to let you know what to expect and maximize your comfort. Because waxing removes hair from the root, results will be longer lasting than other temporary hair removal solutions. It also helps to make the skin smooth and silky, since it exfoliates while removing hair in treated areas. After treatment, a soothing moisturizing serum is applied to soothe the skin and make it extra soft.

How often should I schedule waxing?

The frequency of your face or body wax services will vary depending on your hair growth patterns and the areas treated. However, most people find that upkeep is needed every 6-8 weeks. Additionally, most people notice that hair grows back thinner and softer with repeated waxing.

Which parts of my face and body can I wax?

Waxing is fit for any part of the face or body where unwanted hair is present. Some of the most popular wax services we offer include brow, lip, and chin waxes. Bikini and leg waxes are also popular with female clients while men love to indulge with back or chest wax.

Namti-Spa-facial-waxing-leg-wax-Sedona-AZWaxing Services at NAMTI Spa

Eyebrow – $20
Lip & Chin – $20
Brow and Lip or Chin – $25
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin – $30
Under Arms – $20
Half Arms – $30
Hands – $20
Chest – $59
Half Back – $59
Full Back – $89
Shoulders – $30
Bikini Wax – Regular– $30
Bikini Wax – French – $40
Bikini & Full Legs – $89
Half Legs – $40
Full Legs – $60