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Sedona Hypnotherapy

Have you ever caught yourself zoned out on tv or a good book, unaware of your surroundings? Or perhaps you were driving and arrived at your destination but can’t recall how you go there. This is hypnosis, which is a natural reoccurring state. Several times a day we go in and out of hypnosis, yet we’re seemingly unaware. Hypnosis is simply a focused state of awareness in which you are guided through deep relaxation with a focused attention to achieve a heightened state of consciousness through which great changes can be achieved. $135 / 60mins or $499 / 4pk

Some sessions have an intake form that will be emailed to you prior to your appt. And you are encouraged to audio record your sessions!

Weight Loss

Whether you are struggling with your weight or just want to get into better shape, the best place to start is where the habits start, in your mind. By taking control of your thoughts, hypnosis therapy for weight loss offers a healthy alternative to the extreme diets, fads and behaviors. The client and hypnotherapist have an intake conversation about goals, triggers, previous successes and failures, and much more. The suggestions made under hypnosis will then be guided by that intake information. A take home recording to deepen the suggestions given during our sessions is provided to be used daily. The key to success is follow through and with hypnosis your brain is trained to be the master of your body rather than the opposite.
Sessions are once a week for four weeks. 4 sessions / $499

Quit Smoking

Are you ready to change the habit of smoking? Have you tried other programs with no success? All you need is the desire to quit and together we can make this change. It is really that simple to take charge of a habit that is not only costing you a lot of money but also your health and possible relationships. A take home recording to deepen the suggestions given during our sessions is provided and to be used daily. Sessions begin after an in depth interview and intake, then a program is developed based on this intake info. Beyond hypnosis I offer intuitive life coaching to get to the core of addiction and aromatherapy to assist cravings. It has been shown that having a coach in your corner more than doubles your success rate!
Sessions are once a week for four weeks. 4 sessions / $499

Past Life Regression

Whether you are curious about who you were or are seeking answers to a current health issue, through past life regression we can take a journey though time and space to uncover lessons and connections from our previous lives. Difficult past life experiences can leave impressions on your soul and affect the way life is experienced here and now. For example,unexplained fears and phobias can have a link to past lives and once acknowledged, dissipate or leave. Or perhaps you are simply curious about the people who are around you now and wonder if you have known them in other lives? Accessing your past lives can have a profound impact on your present experiences. By accessing the patterns, motivations and relationships of your past lives you are able to make the most of who you are in this lifetime. Through past life regression we can explore the what has shaped your spirit over multiple lifetimes. 60-90 minutes / $155

Spiritual Release

At the time of death a soul can become disorientated and not follow the traditional path towards the light. When this happens the soul may attach to a living person, altering this person’s life in a variety of ways. Through spirit release we identify the wayward soul and gently guide it back to the light. Recognizing an attachment could be as simple as feeling like you are watching yourself do something, almost outside yourself. Or perhaps you don’t feel like yourself and haven’t for a long time. “A new breed of therapist is healing the mentally ill not with talk and drug therapy but by releasing troublesome or malevolent spirits who have attached themselves to their victims.” 60-90 minutes / $155