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Sedona Salon Lash Extensions & Fills, Lash Lift & More

Coming Mid-January 2020!

Lash-fills-Sedona-Spa-NAMTI Our Sedona Lash Bar is staffed with Cometology Board Certified Estheticians who do Lash Extensions, Fills and Lifts as well as Lash & Brow Tinting. There are an array of lash styles from demure to dramatic to choose from in colors from black to bold!


Up Your Beauty While Shortening Your Morning Routine With Lash Extensions!


Lash Extensions

Classic: One lash extension of varying length and curl is place on each natural eyelash to lengthen & fill out lashes with a very natural look. Up to 75 lashes per eye used. $140 / full set
Hybrid: This is a unique mix of Classic & Volume lashes customized to your face shape and desires. It’s a beautiful combo that make your eyes stand out! $160 / full set
Volume: (Russian) Fans of 2-5 lashes are applied to a single natural lash for maximum desired fullness. Perfect for those with sparse lashes or bald spots. $180 / full set


Lash Fills

First outgrown lashes are removed from natural lashes then fresh lashes are applied to the new growth. Coming in every 2-3 weeks ensures lashes stay full & beautiful so price is based off how many weeks since the last appt, which shows our techs how many lashes are needed. 
Classic Fill: $50/60mins & $60/90mins
Hybrid Fill: $65/60mins & $80/90mins
Volume Fill: $75/60mins & $90/90mins


Lash Lift

This amazing treatment lifts your natural eyelashes from the root, curling them for up to 6-8 weeks! This is a great option for those with allergies, sensitive eyes or those who want to stay “natural”. $65/1hr. Add lash tinting to the session for only $10.

Tinting your lashes makes the lashes appear considerably longer and fuller. Lashes which are naturally lighter and thinner are only properly emphasized through tinting and can then be shown off to their advantage. Light – and therefore difficult to see – lashes are emphasized through intensive, dark color. Even naturally black lashes appear radiantly glossy through tinting.

Tinting your brows makes the eyebrows dramatically emphasized, clearly defined, so they perfectly frame the face. Color-matching the eyebrows to the hair color lessens the contrast between brows and hair, creating a balanced look. For very fine or missing hair, the tinting of the skin enables an optical illusion to be produced so that eyebrows appear to be intact.

Even greying or white hairs can be 100% covered up lending a youthful appearance!

Brow Tinting – $20
Lash Tinting – $25
Brow & Lash Tinting – $40 and reveal fresh bright skin!
Lash Tinting with Lash Lift $10 add-on

Our quick and easy process allows the extensions to gently slide off, leaving your natural lash unharmed. $35 / 30mins
We also offer customized facials, face & body waxing and dermaplaning to finish the look of your flawless face!