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NAMTI Spa Deals & Combos

Sedona SpasWe are a Sedona Arizona day spa locally owned and operated since July 2000, offering high-quality massage therapy, facial aesthetic services, acupuncture and more at affordable prices. We are one of the premiere sedona spas in all of Arizona. Our licensed and professional therapists are all trained in a variety of styles and techniques. Your massage therapy, acu-massage, acupuncture or facial treatment is always customized to best serve your highest needs & desires. Having served tens of thousands of clients over the years, we continue to offer the best and most affordable of all the Sedona Spas. We create different monthly specials to give you a great opportunity to try our various bodywork treatments so check back here or follow us on Facebook! *Our combos and all 2hr services have a $20/hour auto-gratuity.

NAMTI Spa Sedona | Medi-Spa COMBO Deals

Vortex Combo
3 hours for $349!

Infuse your body & feet with a 2 hour Body & Sole then infuse your face with a 60 minute HydraFacial, a customized 6 step non-surgical treatment to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, & scars and plump & firm skin for instant yet long-term results! With a 90min B&S + 60min HF $309 or 90min B&S + 45min HF $269

Rejuvenation Combo
3 hours for $279!

Rejuvenate your body & feet with a 2 hour Body & Sole, followed by a 60 minute “non-surgical face lift” complete facial, combining advanced Micro-Current + LED light therapy. Excellent for the reduction of lines & wrinkles, discoloration, scars, acne, and Rosacea! 90min B&S + 60min MC/LED $229

Infusion Combo
3 hours for $279!

Pamper your body & feet with a 2 hour Body & Sole then pamper your face with a 60 minute Oxygen Infusion Facial, naturally protecting, hydrating and plumping the skin. Hollywood’s secret for looking great at events! 90min B&S + 60min O2 $229

Whole Body Combo Spa Deals

Head To Toe Glow
2.5 hours for $249

Enjoy our intense skin hydration 90min body treatment starting with a macadamia oil massage followed by a lime blossom body scrub melted with body nourish cream. A warmed moist towel removes any scrub residue and it ends with a hydra opulence intense moisture balm massage. Follow that with an custom skin renewing 60min VIP Facial and you’ve attained the whole glow! 2 hours / $209.

Body, Face & Sole Combo
3 hours for $269

A hiker’s dream! Includes 30 minute foot relief therapy – a mineral foot soak + exfoliating foot scrub – followed by a 90 minute full body massage w/reflexology followed by a 60 minute customized VIP Facial with add-ons including mask / serum / peel or more. This treatment will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated!! 2.5 hours / $219.

Mind : Body : Soul Combo
3 hours for $269

A wonderful combination that includes 1-hour each of Massage, VIP Facial, and Acupuncture. This treatment is customized to meet your therapeutic needs and will leave you relaxed and balanced. **Add Foot Relief Therapy: 3.5 hours for $289! or choose a relaxing Classic Facial instead: 3hrs/$229 or 3.5hrs/$249

Energy Healing Spa Deals

Sedona Healing & Grounding Combo
2.5 hours for $179

Experience true Vortex Healing with our Sedona combo: 60mins of Reiki hands above healing and 90mins of Therapeutic Massage. If you’d prefer a facial with your Sedona experience enjoy one hour each Reiki, Therapeutic Massage & VIP Facial: 3hrs / $269. 60min Reiki + 60min Massage $149. 

Sedona (Re)Ascension Combo
2.5 hours for $235

Return to your Infinite Self with a 60min Multi-Dimensional Healing Intuitive Guidance Session and a 90min Therapeutic Massage. This combo expands and integrates your energy within your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies, giving you more clarity and focus on your life path. Or enjoy 1 hour each of MD Healing,  Massage & VIP Facial, 3hrs/$349.


Sedona (Re)Alignment Combo
2.5 hours for $235

Realign your chakras and bodies (energy, mental, emotional, physical) with a 90 minute massage + a 60min Crystalline Soul Healing session with Lauren. This combo uses Tachyon Energy to reintegrate you on so many levels, bringing calm, confident energy forth! Or enjoy 1 hour each of CS Healing,  Massage & VIP Facial, 3hrs  /$349.

Facial Combo Spa Deals

3 hours for $239

Our most popular Sedona Spa combo! Enjoy a 90min therapeutic massage & a specialized 90min VIP Facial with masks/peels/serums/oxygen/led customized to your particular skin care goals! Add 30min acupuncture for the ultimate tune-up only $49 more. 60min massage + 60min VIP facial $189

Chakra Glow Combo
2 hours for $245

Choose from 60 minute  Crystalline Soul Healing or Chakra Healing to re-align your chakras and other body systems then enjoy a 60 min VIP facial with add-ons including oxygen, micro-current / LED, peels or more to bring the glow out fully!

3 hours for $209

Enjoy 90 minute therapeutic massage + 90 minute classic facial! Add 1 hour foot relief therapy or 1 hour acupuncture for only $79 more! Upgrade to the customized VIP Facial with added mask/serum/peel for only $40 more! 60min massage + 60min classic facial $149

Specialty Combo Spa Deals

Ayurvedic Wellness Combo
2.5 hours for $239

A detoxifying, calming, clearing combination of 1 hour Ayurvedic foot relief therapy (Pada Abhyanga), 1 hour Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga) and a half hour of Shirodhara (oil therapy). experience what Ayurveda can do for your body & mind!

Soul Awakening Combo
2.5 hours for $255!

A releasing & expangin combo! Start with a 90 minute Abhyanga massage with medicinal warm oils to release physical, emotional, mental & energetic blockages then a 60 minute Multi-Dimensional session realigns and repatterns all bodies, leaving a New Expanded Aware You! Enjoy this combo with a 2 hour Abhyanga instead 3hrs / $305

Royal Combo
3 hours for $289!

A therapeutic & detoxifying package! Start with a 60 minute massage to release areas of tension then move into a 60 minute healing Abhyanga massage with medicinal warm oils and finish with a 60 minute VIP facial, including special add-ons customized to your skin. Leaves you feeling like royalty!

TCM Wellness Combo
3 hours for $239!

A detoxifying and re-aligning package! Start with a 2 hour Body & Sole with reflexology & massage to relax the body and detoxify, followed by one hour of Acupuncture to clear energy meridians and clarify focus, help digestion and more!

Or Call Us To Create A Custom Combo Just For You!

Revitalize and Rebalance Retreat at NAMTI Spa Sedona

90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage only $119!

Therapeutic massage similar to Swedish, with much firmer pressure applied to relieve chronic muscle tension. The focus of our Deep Tissue Massage is on the deeper layers of fascia.

Revitalize and Rebalance Retreat at NAMTI Spa Sedona

90 Minute Aroma Massage only $119!

Therapeutic massage incorporated with our house blended aromatherapy massage oil. Chose from: Relax & Balance, Rejuvenate, Refresh & Renew, Breath Deep, Expanding Awareness, Cedar Mint, Soothing Relief, Wild Orange, Eucalyptus or Lavender, depending on your mood!

Revitalize and Rebalance Retreat at NAMTI Spa Sedona

90 Minute Hot Stone Massage only $119!

Aside from being deeply relaxing, the heat of the basalt stones allows deep penetration of the muscles, resulting in a highly effective therapeutic session. Great for increasing circulation and releasing toxins from the body.

Revitalize and Rebalance Retreat at NAMTI Spa Sedona

90 Minute VIP Facial only $139!

Completely customized to fit your skin care needs and goals! Our most exclusive and luxurious facial includes add-ons such as peels, serums, microcurrent, oxygen and more, selected by you & your esthetician for light skin renewal or deep skin rejuvenation. Experience the VIP Glow!

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Revitalize and Rebalance Retreat at NAMTI Spa Sedona

Massage, Classic Facial,
Acupuncture & Reiki Packages

5 Pack 60 Minutes $345
5 Pack 90 Minutes $495
10 Pack 60 Minutes $640
10 Pack 90 Minutes $940

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Revitalize and Rebalance Retreat at NAMTI Spa Sedona

VIP Facial


3 Pack 60 Minutes $329
3 Pack 90 Minutes $385
6 Pack 60 Minutes $639
6 Pack 90 Minutes $749

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Revitalize and Rebalance Retreat at NAMTI Spa Sedona

Chakra / Psychic
Hawaiian and 
Healing Packages

5 Pack 60 Minutes $610
10 Pack 60 Minutes $1080

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*PACKAGES: Packages may be gifted to, or shared with, others. Packages cannot be combined with any other coupons, discounts or specials, including SpaFinder, SpaWish or SpaWeek gift cards. Packages valid only for the listed session type/time. Packages valid for 1 year and are non-refundable. *DEALS: Each offer is separate, cannot be combined with any other offer/combo. Must mention the ad when making reservations. Print ads must be submitted at check-IN to receive discount. SpaFinder, SpaWish and SpaWeek cards must be submitted at check-IN and are valid for session only. They cannot be used towards gratuity or products. Thank you!