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Sedona Medi-Spa Advanced Natural Skin Rejuvenation

medi-spa-facials-sedona-skin-renewal Non-surgical medi-spa procedures can help heal and repair damaged, dry, or wrinkled skin. Our medi-spa treatments range from light skin renewal to deeper skin rejuvenation. A major goal in formulating a comprehensive skin rejuvenation plan is to select an effective combination of anti-aging facial treatments to then incorporate into your overall regimen. Our medi-spa treatments are results oriented and therefore reverse and slow down the signs of aging. NAMTI Spa offers the latest advancements in natural rejuvenation skin care treatments and use of state of the art equipment to perform these services.

**If you have recently gotten Botox or fillers or permanent makeup we cannot give you a facial for 14 days. If you’ve had laser it may be a longer wait. We also cannot do a facial if you have an active cold sore. 


Comfortable, Painless, Effective & Instant Facial Rejuvenation … Our Medi-Spa’s Natural Way!


VIP Facial $139

Our VIP facial is the ultimate choice in advanced skin care treatment as it’s customized to fit your skin type and skin care goals, therefore, it can deliver the exact results you want. The skin renewal add-on choices that you and your esthetician decide upon after assessing your skin may include masks, serums, peels, exfoliant, and other anti-aging products and techniques that replenish and rejuvenate your skin! 60min / $139 or 90min / $179

HydraFacial $239

This customizable medi-spa treatment gives dull, aged, damaged, and breakout prone skin a new lease on life. The HydraFacial MD resurfacing procedure is an incredible, non-invasive treatment that detoxifies, rejuvenates, and protects your skin. In addition, it provides immediate results and long-term benefits without downtime or irritation. This multi-step medi-spa treatment cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts to remove impurities and dead cells while replenishing vital nutrients. These include antioxidants, powerful peptides, and also hyaluronic acid. Dramatic improvements can be achieved with just one treatment, however, results are cumulative. So, a monthly treatment maintains a healthy, youthful appearance. You must shave or dermaplane atleast 24 hours before if desired. Supreme w/ anti-aging serums – 60min $239

Microdermabrasion $149

Nurture yourself with this treatment that removes the top layer of dead skin cells, promoting the production of new cells in the (deepest) layer of the dermis. This treatment cleans pores and aids in balancing oil production which helps to reduce pore size while it stimulates collagen production to further even out skin texture & tone and lessens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and hyperpigmentation. First, your skin is thoroughly cleansed. Then, it’s vacuumed and polished with our Microdermabrasion technology. Finally you’ll have a soothing, calming, specialty mask and finishing with a customized Oxygen Infusion. You will achieve noticeable results after just one session and more positive changes with consecutive treatments. 60 minute / $149

MicroCurrent/LED $149

Microcurrent tones and tightens skin while LED is focused onto the skin for anti-aging, acne, and more. Therefore, your skin will be analyzed to customize a treatment plan targeting your specific areas of concern. Thorough cleansing, manual exfoliation, in addition to a mask are a part of this painless and beautifying facial. This uses current so if you wear a pacemaker please consult with your cardiologist before booking. 60 minute / $149

Oxygen Infusion $149

Your skin will be analyzed to customize a treatment plan targeting your specific areas of concern. Thorough cleansing, manual exfoliation and a mask are a part of this hydrating facial. Excellent for plumping skin before an important event and also rehydrating after a long hike in Sedona’s dry altitude! 60 minute / $149

Dermaplaning $149

Advanced exfoliation using a surgical blade to peel off dead cells and remove vellus hair simultaneously. Effective for fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation issues and acne scars, leaving skin smooth, supple and vibrant. Dermaplaning does not contain all the steps of a facial, so you can add a shortened amount as an add-on in our VIP Facial. Alternatively, if you’d like complete dermaplaning please choose from:
60min Deluxe w/ Oxygen boost $149


Classic Facials

A relaxing facial treatment that includes deep cleansing, steam, mask, moisturizer, and extractions. 90 min facial also includes lip treatment and facial massage.
90 minute / $139
60 minute / $99
60 minute back Facial / $99


Gemstone Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture $179

Enjoy a surgery-free face lift using high energy gold plated needles and crystal gems. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture reduces the signs of aging, improves skin’s circulation and elasticity while realigning energy, balancing chakras & improving focus and clarity. This unique session includes tui na facial massage, gua sha lymph drainage using Jade, painless facial acupuncture including a gold plated needle at the crown, reiki hands above healing and crystals: Lepidolite for beauty, Labradorite to reduce stress, Rose Quartz for self-love + beauty, Aquamarine for anti-aging, Quartz Crystal to magnify results & Obsidian to clear. You’ll take home the crystals used as well as a photo of the facial grid so you can repeat the crystal healing. Note this is an anti-aging treatment and energy / chakra balancer, there is no cleanse, mask, moisturize as with our VIP facial although it will leave you glowing and aligned!


Collagen Stimulating Micro-Needling $299

This treatment starts with a thorough cleansing and exfoliation to prep the skin for an effective micro-needling treatment. No numbing is required due to the quick and gentle technique used. Next, a specialty peptide loaded mask is then applied to calm and soothe the skin. Finally, an incredibly cooling and beautifying Oxygen Infusion completes the medi-spa session. The Skin Renewal Treatment is suitable for all skin types, and ideal candidates are those who wish to improve skin laxity, smooth lines and wrinkles, slow the onset of the aging process, or improve the appearance of scarring.

A series of 2-5 treatments is usually recommended to achieve maximum results. Because the results rely on kick-starting your body’s own collagen production, it can take 4-8 weeks before you start to fully see the benefits. There is very little, if any, downtime with this treatment and you should have recovered between 24-72 hours. Skin will most likely feel tighter and a bit drier for about 1-5 days. Some minor itching, stinging and tingling may occur in the following few days. It is also often advised to use a post-treatment regimen and result-oriented skincare at home to enhance your results.  60 minute / $299.

*This treatment is NOT suitable for clients who are currently using active Retinol or Retin-A products. It must be discontinued for at least 2 weeks prior to treatments. Also not for those who have used Accutane (isotretinoin) within the last 12 months, have open wounds, cuts or abrasions on the skin, or have had radiation treatment to the skin within the last year or have any kind of current skin infection, condition or Herpes Simplex in the area to be treated or are pregnant or are breastfeeding or have any history of keloid or hypertrophic scars.