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Natal Chart

Natal Astrology 

Natal astrology is a system of astrology that claims to shed light on an individual’s personality or path in life by constructing a horoscope or natal chart that includes the exact date, time, and location, of an individual’s birth. $129/30-min $189/60-min $249/ 90-min




Plan your next vacation, relocation, or digital nomad trip with the stars. Find the best places for your energy to thrive using your astrocartography map.  $129/30-min $199/60-min




Draconic charts represent the higher self before it meets the physical body or personality (natal chart), and through that, you get a deeper level of understanding of your higher and lower mind. The higher mind is ruled by your draconic chart and is also known as the north node (moon) head of the dragon and south node (tail of the dragon). This chart will show you which direction you need to be heading, also your life purpose and where you have come from, and past life lessons you have learned. If you’re ready to dive deeper into learning more about your purpose, who you are, and how to heal in this life. Then this detailed 20+ page chart is for you!! $129/30-min (3 Questions) $249/60-min (5 Questions)



A synastry chart is an astrological tool used to test a soulmate connection. It creates a bi-wheel that overlaps the birth charts of two people and examines the aspects between them, allowing astrologers to look at the planets, houses and aspects between them. $149/30-min $199/60-min