Join one of our Energy Healers on the sacred red rocks at the Stupa & Medicine Wheel for a life-changing Soul Journey! Feel the energy, call in your desires while releasing that which is no longer in your highest good, realign patterns & bodies and balance chakras, talk with elders and ancestors, meet your spirit animal and any messenger animals or even companion animals, step into the Divine Feminine & Masculine energies to find true Soul balance, and experience an intuitive reading with a gifted energy healer. A transformational healing session on Sedona’s magical land! We suggest booking early or late in the summer months as mid-day is very hot and sunny in Sedona. Session start times vary from 8am – 6pm in the summer months to  9am – 4pm in the winter months. If you don’t see your desired time available (especially mornings) just give us a call! We have more availability than is shown with our online slots! This Land Journey is 90 minutes for 1-2 people and 2 hours for 3-4 people as we work with each of you individually within the group.  $239 for the first person and $99 each for additional people (90mins for 1-2 people and 2hrs for 3-4 people)