Sedona Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing & Intuitive Readings


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Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings awaken energies that bring resilience, joy, and enthusiasm to your life.  Our specialty treatments balance the energies & chemistry in the body, and increase vitality of the body, mind, and spirit! Our practitioners provide a variety of treatment techniques that can assist in relieving trauma on all levels of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being and they each offer phone / video sessions also as energy is non-local, meaning remote sessions can be just as powerful. Our spa offers high-quality professional treatment options that are rooted in the ancient practices, combined with modern metaphysical technology to offer the Best Energy Healing in Sedona AZ.  **Clients remain fully clothed in Energy Healing Sessions without massage.



Lauren is a  Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer whose sessions includes reiki, chakra balancing, tachyon energy and intuitive guidance to clear any blockages and bring forth the wisdom of your Soul. As a clear channel of Divine energy, Lauren will share anything that comes through from your guides, angels, and your higher self. Each session includes Tachyon infused Rods & a Table Plate to direct the Tachyon and Reiki energies throughout your subtle and physical energy field to increase the magnitude of the healing and focus the flow of energy. In doing so, this healing allows any emotional imprints, traumas, patterns, etc. to be released, achieving optimal well-being. If desired, Lauren can also add Light Language codes (speaking and signing) to call in particular energies of resonance or let go of others, to further calibrate your field and bring forth more calm, confident & content energy. Lauren’s healings are always in alignment with Love and with the higher self of each person, to help support your Soul’s desire for healing and awakening. Lauren’s sessions are ALWAYS in the Tachyon Chamber although they are available for individuals and groups out on the land also or by phone. 60mins / $169 or 90mins / $239



Are you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and/or is your energy dimmed?

Trixie, an intuitive master healer, honors your soul signature while bringing you back into balance physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. The session starts with a full body energetic clearing using the ancient spirit energies of our Earth’s plants and trees to let go of what holds you back. Next is gentle abdominal work using light touch to remove emotional, energetic or mental blocks. This will rebalance the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood in your body, which realigns you with your true essence. Then, neck and head work to release tension, quiet the mind and reconnect you to your body, realigning your nervous system into a state of rest and relaxation. The session ends at your feet with light touch and energy work on your ankles and toes, integrating all the energy shifts in your body while grounding you to the earth. Come experience the feeling of self reconnection and peace in your heart. This is an interactive and light touch session. You will remain fully clothed. 90mins / $239 & 2hrs / $338



Amber is a medical intuitive, Reiki master, licensed massage therapist, and founder of Biomagnetic Massage. After surviving a severe illness that nearly took her life 10 years ago, Amber received the gift of medical intuition and has since made it her mission to help others who struggle with health problems and chronic illnesses. Amber receives this information through clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. Each session is tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the client. The session will start with a brief interview to assess any prominent health conditions, concerns, or symptoms. Following the intake interview, you will be invited to relax on the massage table while Amber does her work, which includes a combination of sharing the information that comes through, and reiki energy work. The source of this information can be from your body’s own energetic patterns and imprints, from your angels & guides, or from another Divine source. While not intended to replace the guidance of your qualified healthcare practitioner, this session can offer helpful guidance to anyone who struggles with unresolved health challenges, or who seeks an expanded perspective on their health or life in general. Combined with the added boost of healing reiki energy, you will leave this session feeling relaxed, refreshed, and inspired. 60 minute / $169 or 90 minute / $239



Lauren’s entire space is infused with the highest concentrations of Tachyon and it is balanced frequently by our engineer to ensure the best outcomes for clients. Tachyon Energy radiates from the zero point field (the core of energy, the cosmos, full unity consciousness, etc.) & the particles are subatomic so they move faster than light speed, instantly clearing & releasing, to leave you feeling lighter, more connected & at ease, revived, and some say it helps them sleep better and have wonderful dreams. While many feel a deep re-calibration, some have experiences of speaking with angels or getting intuitive guidance during the session. We recommend enjoying quiet time post session and journaling thoughts & feelings to remind oneself of the shifts that have occurred. Lauren will get you situated on the table with headphones and an eye pad at the beginning of your session and re-enter upon completion to bring you back, otherwise this is an unattended meditative, silent session. 60 minute / $139 or 90 minute / $199

Tachyon Chamber Healing with Lauren: that is the Crystalline Soul Healing (see description above)



Tracy has been an intuitive Soul Coach, Multi-Dimensional Guide & Reiki Master Teacher for almost 20 years. In this healing session Tracy utilizes Chakra Balancing & Pattern Release using Reiki, Reconnective, Archangelic Healing, Tachyon frequencies and other modalities, to release energy blockages, patterns, beliefs and deeply held traumas while balancing the physical, emotional, mental & energy bodies. During the PHONE session Tracy connects to, and takes direction from, your Soul, angels, guides, higher versions of Self and more, and your Soul Self gives you input and “homework” to assist in your healing, expand your awareness (and intuition if desired) and increase the flow of love and abundance in your life. Tracy can easily see your other (past) lives, showing you the patterns & energy that you’re bringing through and assisting you in merging desired aspects of your other selves into this life. Results from her Multi-Dimensional Chakra / Energy Healing + Soul Coaching are felt immediately yet continue to express long into your future! Tracy easily connects with your energy signature no matter where you physically are so a transformative session is guaranteed! *Available for individuals and groups by phone or video only! 60mins/$169 or 90mins/ $239



Meet your Spirit Guides, your Soul Self, Guardian Angels, all beings that assist you on Earth to understand your human lifepath and Soul mission w/Trixie. Humans create patterns & programs, suffering and trauma, from birth. Science has shown us that we store these behaviors, feelings and trauma in our cells. Trixie works with guides, angels & your Soul to actively release the trauma & patterns and free you from your past so you can live in the present with freedom & awareness rather than anxiety & pain. Trixie also gives you the tools to see the source of your past events with true clarity as well as giving the tools to increase your focus & awareness and raise your consciousness to become the objective observer in your life. This allows you to observe your feelings and behaviors rather than drowning in them. This allows you to calmly, and with emotional intelligence, make choices for your future that result in your highest joy and good. Trixie can easily see your multiple future timelines to discuss your beliefs & actions needed to shift to your desired timeline and stay there, which is key to manifesting! An intuitive session with your Guides brings long lasting peace, hope and transformation! *Available for individuals and groups out on the land also or by phone!
60mins/$169 or 90mins/ $239



Combining sacred geometry patterns, chakra crystal gems (that you keep!) and hands-above Reiki healing, Esoteric Gemstone Reiki increases Source awareness while opening your heart and balancing your chakras. This quiet session  propels you to higher frequencies of expanded consciousness for awakening. The calming and focus effects of this of can be felt instantly while the transformative effects may arise for days, weeks or months after! If you would also like intuitive guidance & verbal interaction choose an Intuitive session from this page and add the Chakra Crystals for only $40 more. 60mins/$169



Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction by ” laying of hands” on the body and uses life force energy to flow through us. Spiritually guided life force is a glowing radiance that flows through and around us and taps into a higher vibration and receive this energy. 60mins/$119 or add a Healing Boost (taste of Reiki) during massage / $10



CranioSacral Therapy is subtle light touch massage that is extremely relaxing and very good in releasing the body of deep held stress at a subtle level. This type of massage also optimizes the circulation through the CranioSacral system which improves the function of all body systems. On a cellular level, our bodies remember past injuries and traumas to the body which can result in tension, pain, etc. CranioSacral Therapy helps to release these traumas that our bodies are still holding onto, via very gentle, yet profound techniques. CranioSacral Therapy was developed by John Upledger, and the techniques from his introductory course are used in this fully clothed session. $10 add-on to 60 or 90 minute massage. 60mins/$119

We Do Intuitive Readings & Energy Healing Via Phone & Video! Call Or Email To Book!