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Sedona Energy Healing, Energy Medicine & Intuitive Readings


sedona-reiki-psychic-spa-namtiEnergy Healing and Intuitive Readings awaken energies that bring resilience, joy, and enthusiasm to your life.  Our specialty treatments balance the  energies & chemistry in the body, and increase vitality of the body, mind, and spirit! Our practitioners provide a variety of treatment techniques that can assist in relieving trauma on all levels of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being. Our spa offers high-quality professional treatment options that are rooted in the ancient practices, combined with modern metaphysical technology to offer the Best Energy Healing in Sedona AZ. “.

We do Energy Healing via Phone Sessions! Call or Email to Book!

Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Healing with Tracy

Tracy’s sessions contain Chakra Healing & Pattern Release using Reiki, Reconnective and other modalities, facilitating healing within chakras, bodily systems (lymphatic, etc) and organs, releasing energy blockages, patterns, beliefs and deeply held traumas while balancing the physical, energetic, mental and emotional bodies. During the session Tracy is connected to, and taking direction from, your Soul, angels, guides, higher versions of Self and more, and your Soul Self gives you input and “homework” to assist in your healing, expand your awareness (and intuition if desired) and increase the flow of love and abundance in your life. Results from her Multi-Dimensional Chakra / Energy Healing + Soul Coaching are felt immediately yet continue to express long into your future! Tracy’s sessions are remote, via PHONE only, which are even more impactful than in person as the energy healing is completed faster and releasing / balancing is done to a deeper degree when the client is comfortable in their own setting and not in the physical presence of another observing them. Tracy easily connects with your energy signature no matter where you physically are so a transformative session is guaranteed!   60 minute / $135


Intuitive Crystalline Soul Healing with Lauren

Lauren is a Crystalline Soul Healing Specialist, Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer whose sessions includes reiki, chakra balancing, tachyon energy and intuitive guidance to clear any blockages and bring forth the wisdom of your Soul. As a clear channel of Divine energy, Lauren will share anything that comes through from your guides, angels, and your higher self. Each session includes Tachyon infused Rods & a Table Plate to direct the Tachyon and Reiki energies throughout your subtle and physical energy field to increase the magnitude of the healing and focus the flow of energy. In doing so, this healing allows any emotional imprints, traumas, patterns, etc. to be released, achieving optimal well-being.

If desired, Lauren can also add Light Language codes (speaking and signing) to call in particular energies of resonance or let go of others, to further calibrate your field and bring forth more calm, confident & content energy. Lauren’s healings are always in alignment with Love and with the higher self of each person, to help support your Soul’s desire for healing and awakening. 60 minute / $135

Intuitive Chakra Readings with Les Adler, MD(H)

Dr. Adler has served as an accomplished board-certified physician for over 30 years in Sedona. During this time, he has developed an ability to read chakras (energy centers) and energy fields. He perceives intuitively where energy is not flowing freely. A session helps shed light on hidden blocks and attachments. In a session, Dr. Adler will scan your chakras (energy centers) and energy fields. Information he perceives is shared throughout the session. Sessions are performed in comfortable treatment rooms and clients are fully clothed. Light touch may be used to enhance clarity, transmission, and healing. The process helps to uncover distorted energy patterns, as well as creating a space for healing. While individual experiences are very different, dramatically positive results generally occur.     30 minute / $85 or  60 minute / $135. Dr. Adler is available T/TH and our Energy Healing Staff is available daily.


Soul Spark Retrieval with Tracy

Similar to a past life regression, a Soul Spark Retrieval reconnects you with your other versions of Self in other lives to release & reintegrate. Quantum Physics shows us that parallel simultaneous realities do indeed exist. And we can connect with other realities / timelines / incarnations and do rather continuously as emotions, patterns, behaviors, etc come through from other lives just as much as they come from family, friends, bosses, etc. Tracy’s session is a guided journey to the other lives that your Soul wishes for you to re-integrate in this NOW moment. This journey will take us to other times and places on Earth or to other dimensions, planets, galaxies, even Universes. I am simply translating, so I’m along for the ride, as your Soul is guiding us!  Once she connects with your Soul, Tracy does a mini healing / clearing / realignment on your Chakras and bodies (energetic, mental, emotional, physical) & more, then your Soul begins our journey. We may visit just one life or several, Soul’s choice. The impact of re-integrating these other lives is huge, transformation always follows! Tracy’s sessions are remote, via PHONE only. 60 minute / $135

Body Memory Recall

When feeling overwhelmed or threatened by an experience, a protective mechanism is triggered that stores the energy in the body until a later date when one is able and willing to fully experience it. Body memory creates tension that adversely affects the function of every system in the body. It has been discovered that many of the chronic, recurrent symptoms commonly experienced in the body are caused by body memory that has accumulated for years. Body Memory Recall (BMR) is a form of therapeutic bodywork and integrates four mind-body therapy technique:; Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral Memory Release and Unwinding. Collectively, these techniques comprehensively treat the effects of body memory and maximize a person’s innate self-healing abilities to release it. Depending on the level of body memory several sessions may be done during a retreat to fully release. **Please wear shorts and tank top to session**​ $40 add-on to Massage (or $119/60mins and $149/90mins)


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction by ” laying of hands” on the body or more often Hands Above healing and uses life force energy to flow through us. Spiritually guided life force is a glowing radiance that flows through and around us and taps into a higher vibration to receive this positive energy. 60 minute / $79, 30 minute / $49 or add a Healing Boost (taste of Reiki) during massage / $10

Crystals To Heal & Balance Your Chakras

You’re given your own set of healing chakra crystals to tune into and use for clearing, balancing and connecting to your Soul Self for wisdom and knowledge. The first hour you’ll learn about crystal properties, colors, how to use and clear them and more – and handouts are included! Then enjoy a 30min crystal chakra balancing from our teacher practioners. $199/90mins  or $40 add-on massage price, which includes the crystals to keep and the balancing but no class time.

We Do Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions Via Phone – More Effective For Releasing Than In Person!