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Sedona Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing & Intuitive Readings


Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Intuitive Readings awaken energies that can bring about great realignment, recalibration and transformation to your life while balancing the energies & chemistry in the body, mind, and soul! Our certified practitioners provide a variety of unique specialty treatment techniques only found at NAMTI Spa Sedona that can assist in relieving trauma on all levels of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being. Our Sedona spa offers high-quality professional treatment options that are rooted in the ancient practices, combined with modern metaphysical technology to offer the Best Energy Healing in Sedona AZ. Note that, with the exception of massage, you are clothed for all sessions and most sessions can be combined for couples or held on the land, by phone or in person at the spa.


We Also Do Energy Healing Sessions Via Phone! Call or Email to Book!

Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Healing with Tracy

As a Reiki Master Teacher & Intuitive Wayshower Tracy brings over 20 years experience in Chakra Healing & Pattern Releasing using Reiki, Reconnective, Angelic Healing and many other modalities brought through Spirit, Archangels & Guides. These many methods are customized by your Soul to realign & recalbrate your chakras, bodily systems (lymphatic, circulation, etc) and organs, releasing energy blockages, patterns, beliefs and deeply held traumas while balancing the physical, energetic, mental and emotional bodies. During the session Tracy is connected to, and taking direction from, your Soul, your Angels & Guides, higher versions of Self and more, and your Soul Self gives you input and “homework” to assist in your healing, expand your awareness (and intuition if desired) and increase the flow of love and abundance in your life. Tracy easily connects with your energy signature to see your past / other lives, see others through you, whether on this plane or passed on and your Life Path / Soul Mission.  Results from her Multi-Dimensional Chakra / Energy Healing + Soul Coaching / Intuitive Reading are felt immediately yet continue to express long into your future!Tracy’s sessions are in person at the spa or out on the red rocks in Sedona as well as by phone (which is very powerful).   60 minute / $169 or 90 minute / $239


Intuitive Crystalline Soul Healing with Lauren

Lauren is a Crystalline Soul Healing Specialist, Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer whose sessions includes reiki, chakra balancing, tachyon energy and intuitive guidance to clear any blockages and bring forth the wisdom of your Soul. As a clear channel of Divine energy, Lauren will share anything that comes through from your guides, angels, and your higher self. Each session includes Tachyon infused Rods & a Table Plate to direct the Tachyon and Reiki energies throughout your subtle and physical energy field to increase the magnitude of the healing and focus the flow of energy. In doing so, this healing allows any emotional imprints, traumas, patterns, etc. to be released, achieving optimal well-being.

If desired, Lauren can also add Light Language codes (speaking and signing) to call in particular energies of resonance or let go of others, to further calibrate your field and bring forth more calm, confident & content energy. Lauren’s healings are always in alignment with Love and with the higher self of each person, to help support your Soul’s desire for healing and awakening. Lauren’s sessions are ALWAYS in the Tachyon Chamber. 60 minute / $169 or 90 minute / $239

Golden Light Healing at NAMTI Spa Sedona

Golden Light Healing w/Laura Suzanne

Laura is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, and Dream Specialist, whose sessions include reiki, dreamwork, and intuitive guidance. Laura’s sessions are guided by spiritual healing and her background in psychology, focused on helping with any anxiety, depression, or questions you may have about your soul’s path to enlightenment. Every session with Laura can differ, based on what your soul is projecting onto her. From stressful events, passed loved ones, or future endeavors Laura will guide you to better understand what your body and soul are trying to tell you. 60mins / $169


Soul Spark Retrieval with Tracy

Similar to a past life regression, a Soul Spark Retrieval reconnects you with your other versions of Self in other lives. Quantum Physics shows us that it is not past, present, future, but rather kitchen, living room, bedroom or left, right and center – parallel simultaneous realities. And we can connect with other realities / timelines / incarnations to bring forth information and experiences to assist us in this life! In fact most of us already are! Yes, emotions, patterns, behaviors come through from other lives just as much as they come from family, friends, bosses, etc. Tracy connects with your Soul and they take us on a guided journey to the other lives that they wish for you to re-integrate in this NOW moment. This journey will take us to other times and places on Earth or to other dimensions, planets, galaxies, even Universes. The session begins similar to the Multi-Dimensional Healing session where Chakras & Bodies are realigned & recalibrated, then your Soul moves us into the sphere of other lives to remember and re-integrate. The impact of re-integrating these other lives is huge, transformation always follows! Tracy easily connects with your energy signature whether in person or across the world so you will experience deep transformation! Tracy’s sessions are in the spa, on the red rocks or by phone. 60min / $169 or 90min / $239

Vortex Tours in Sedona

Vortex Journey on the Red Rocks

Enjoy a 90 minute journey on the sacred red rocks at the Stupa & Medicine Wheel with Multi-Dimensional Guide Tracy. Learn about vortexes and how to feel their energy, clear patterns and balance chakras, experience a guided visual imagery meditation and intuitive reading with a gifted energy healer. Most of the other energy sessions we offer we can include in your Vortex tour! We suggest booking early or late as mid-day is very hot and sunny in Sedona, so bring water, perhaps an umbrella and most of all, your curiosity and questions! We meet in the Stupa parking lot where it is a somewhat easy mild incline 2 minute walk to the Stupa then another minute to the Medicine Wheel. As all the land surrounding the Stupa is very sacred and powerful, radiating far past religious & indigenous frequencies,  we can easily accommodate most clients who have reasons that may prevent them from hiking, as the bulk of our time together will be sitting or standing in journey after a short walk to a quiet vortex area. If booking online please reply to your email confirmation letting us know how many people are in your party. *If you’d like to beat the heat we can begin as early as 7am. If you’re booking online choose the 8:45 slot then reply to your email confirmation with the earlier time you’d prefer.  *The Stupa parking lot closes at 6pm daily. $239 for 1st person and $99 for each additional person.


Angelic Healing with a Harp w/Kristel Grace

This is truly a one of a kind energy work session with Kristel Grace, a Living Light Oracle. Kristel offers over 20 years experience in God’s energy work and is a Reiki Master Teacher. There are depths and layers present in her sessions creating a once in a lifetime Soul re-alignment. During this sacred time & space you will experience a deep clearing, receive healing, realign your intent, your future, and create new opportunities directly with the Divine Creator. You are supported by soft energies of Angelic & Archangelic embrace. Divine Peace can now allow new Soul wisdom to manifest. This is a unique opportunity to redesign your life as you integrate your highest Divine Design directly from the Holy Creator. The light frequencies you will experience include: Holy Creator’s white light, Archangel Michael’s blue light , Archangel Zadkiel’s purple light, Archangel Raphael’s green & the Divine Mother’s pink of unconditional love. The purpose is to balance & harmonize your chakra system long term & realign your mental, emotional, spiritual & physical bodies. A focus will be upon permanent clearing of blockages, obstacles and to release unwanted patterns & programs, even dissolving trauma. Last, Kristel Grace begins playing the Angelic tuned harp, anchoring the higher frequencies within your physical body and more! 60 minute / $169 or 90 minute / $239


Intuitive Healing With Your Guides

Opening the session, our Intuitive Healer uses Reiki & Light frequencies to balance & harmonize your chakras as well as your mental, emotional, spiritual & physical bodies while clearing blockages & obstacles. They then connect with your guides and spirit animals (who have their own teachings) with Kristel or connect to your guides and your Soul with Tracy to answer questions you have and look through multiple timelines & outcomes to see which possibility has the highest potential for you. They offer Divine guidance to reshape your outcomes, meet your goals, desires and highest good, and build your self-confidence.Tracy & Kristel are both believers in practical skills which create positive lasting change, so be prepared to take notes and receive homework. Emotional body management and genuine life skills given from the highest realms are her favorite thing to teach and impart to those who want real, lasting change! Tracy or Kristel – 60 minute / $169 or 90 minute / $239


Esoteric Gemstone Reiki

Combining sacred geometry patterns, chakra crystal gems (that you keep!) and hands-above Reiki healing, Esoteric Gemstone Reiki increases Source awareness while opening your heart and balancing your chakras. This quiet session propels you to higher frequencies of expanded consciousness for awakening. The calming and focus effects of this of can be felt instantly while the transformative effects may arise for days, weeks or months after! 60mins / $169

If you would also like intuitive guidance & verbal interaction choose an Intuitive session and add the Chakra Crystals for only $40 more.

tachyon energy healing Sedona AZ

Tachyon Chamber Meditation Session

Enjoy uninterrupted time in our unique Tachyon Chamber where you can experience a deeply healing and recalibrating state without a therapist. Lauren will get you situated on the table with headphones and an eye pad at the beginning of your session and re-enter upon completion to bring you back. $139/60mins and $199/90mins – If you prefer a full healing and balancing session in the Tachyon Chamber please book a Crystalline Soul Healing session and note you’d like to be in the Chamber.

body memory recall therapy SEdona

Body Memory Recall

When feeling overwhelmed or threatened by an experience, a protective mechanism is triggered that stores the energy in the body until a later date when one is able and willing to fully experience it. Body memory creates tension that adversely affects the function of every system in the body. It has been discovered that many of the chronic, recurrent symptoms commonly experienced in the body are caused by body memory that has accumulated for years. Body Memory Recall (BMR) is a form of therapeutic bodywork and integrates four mind-body therapy technique:; Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral Memory Release and Unwinding. Collectively, these techniques comprehensively treat the effects of body memory and maximize a person’s innate self-healing abilities to release it. Depending on the level of body memory several sessions may be done during a retreat to fully release. **Please wear shorts and tank top to session**​ 90mins / $179 or 2hrs / $239 *Available Sundays with Trixie and additional days upon request. Book online under Massage.


EFT / Shamanic Tapping with Kristel

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is combined with Shamanic style tapping to gently move emotional energy out of the body, thus calming the nervous system. Kristel uses her intuitive energy techniques along with specific tapping points & meridians to alleviate stress from all 4 bodies: Energy, Mental, Emotional & Physical. If you’re looking for ultimate relaxation, stress relief and gentle healing this acupressure style session for you! 60mins / $169


Dreamwork with Laura Suzanne

Are you confused by those crazy and sometimes unsettling dreams you are having? Are you plagued by nightmares? Do you wonder if there are hidden messages in your nightly excursions? Do you forget your dreams as soon as you wake up and wish you could remember them? Would you like to explore lucid dreaming? Our expert has been studying dreams for over 25 years and is the author of three books on the subject. Laura will help you to uncover the meanings and gain deeper insight and clarity into even the most bizarre and complex dreams. She can teach you her simple step by step method of decoding your own dreams and help with improving dream recall. Having a session with Laura is like talking to a trusted friend and many have reported that it was an enjoyable and enlightening experience. 60mins / $169


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction by ” laying of hands” on the body or more often Hands Above healing and uses life force energy to flow through us. Spiritually guided life force is a glowing radiance that flows through and around us and taps into a higher vibration to receive this positive energy. This is a silent session so if you are looking for intuitive guidance with chakra balancing / healing, please choose a session above. 60 minute / $119 or add a Healing Boost (taste of Reiki) during massage / $10


CranioSacral Therapy

CST is subtle light touch, a series of holds that are extremely relaxing and very good in releasing the body of deep held stress at a subtle level. This type of energy therapy also optimizes the circulation through the CranioSacral system which improves the function of all body systems. On a cellular level, our bodies remember past injuries and traumas to the body which can result in tension, pain, etc. CranioSacral Therapy helps to release these traumas that our bodies are still holding onto, via very gentle, yet profound techniques. CranioSacral Therapy was developed by John Upledger, and the techniques from his introductory course are used in this fully clothed session. CST if very helpful for those with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, TMJ, Carpel Tunnel, MS and more. 60 minute / $119 or add a Healing Boost (taste of CranioSacral) during massage (takes about 10mins away from massage time)  / $10


Animal Communication with Laura Suzanne

Do you ever wonder what your pets are thinking? Are you worried about them? Naturally intuitive and empathic, Laura realized that her gifts extended to animals when she had a profound experience with a Cairn terrier in 2004. She was able to see through his eyes as he communicated with her through images and sensory awareness. Photos work best as she is visual, however, if you do not have a photo she will tap into the energy of your pet and tell you what she sees, feels and senses. She will also read your energy and discuss the relationship that you have with your pet and offer tips on how to improve the situation. She can communicate with deceased pets and has some experience with lost or missing pets. She will work energetically with you and your pet and most report and sense of peace and calming after a session with Laura, both within themselves and their pet seems more relaxed. 60mins / $169

Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing Massages


BioMagnetic Massage 90mins – $179

BioMagnetic Massage™ is a combination of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and hot stone massage. Magnetic stones and the strategic placement of dual-polarity rare earth magnets on the body may help to increase circulation and correct pH imbalances in the tissues, making it a promising modality for those who are experiencing chronic pain, injuries, or illnesses. Magnetic therapy is increasingly being recognized around the world as a safe, effective, and non-invasive option and has a promising future in health & wellness. Your session also includes Solfeggio healing frequency music, and the opportunity to purchase magnets for continued use at home. 2hrs / $239


Crystal Massage $179

Relax into a 90 minute massage using powerful chakra crystals. This session is boosted with Reiki or healing energy the whole massage. And when finished you take home your programmed chakra crystals! $179/90mins (60mins not offered as you need time to learn about crystals)


Healing Boost Massage
90mins – $149

One of the trademarks of a Sedona massage is incorporated healing with advanced energy flow techniques. Our healing boost massage add-on gives a “taste” of energy techniques such as Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, and other modalities. 
This boost is just a TASTE of energy healing during massage. However, if you’re looking for Deep Healing, please see our Energy Healing page for specialized sessions. 60min / $109 or add to any massage for $10.