Sacred Sedona Vortex Land Journey with Tracy Kumbera



Enjoy a 90-minute journey on the sacred red rocks at the Stupa & Medicine Wheel. Feel the energy, clear patterns & bodies and balance chakras, talk with elders and ancestors, meet your spirit animal and any messenger animals or even companion animals, and experience a guided visual imagery meditation and intuitive reading with a gifted energy healer. Our healers provide their specialty services on every Land Journey. A transformational healing session on Sedona’s magical land!

Booking Suggestions: We suggest booking early or late in the summer months as mid-day is very hot and sunny in Sedona. Session start times vary from 7 am – 6pm in the summer months to  9am – 4pm in the winter months. When booking we suggest you google sunrise/sunset times for your desired date to get a better idea of time. Also, the Stupa is very popular so you will find much less “movement” in the early morning or dusk (which can be very magical!!). If you don’t see your desired time available (especially mornings) just give us a call! We have more availability than is shown with our online slots! This Land Journey is perfect for 1-2 people and we suggest for 3-4 people that you add 30mins on to your journey so all can be heard as Tracy works with each of you individually. We limit the Sacred Vortex Land Journey to 4 people for this reason. Visit the Stupa website for more pics & info on this sacred Sedona vortex.
90mins/ $239 for the first person and $99 each for additional people



While vortex transformational energy may be strongest at the known vortexes, all of Sedona is a vortex! The Native Americans used this sacred land for centuries for ceremony and Buddhist Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Rinpoche saw a vision here and had the Stupa & Peace Park built. While the Amitabha Stupa & smaller Tara Stupa are Buddhist, they are a place of deep peace, meditation & revelation and open to any prayer, gratitude, intention and donation from any faith. Tracy herself has a different connection experience with every visit. The Medicine Wheel has been used for centuries by Native Americans because it represents the knowledge of the Universe, the interconnection between all realities and dimensions, health and healing across your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and so much more. While “the hoops” as they are sometimes called, have deep meaning & colors for each of the directions (see below) Tracy is connected deeply with your Soul during session and is guided to your wisdom and healing through that connection, calling on the Divine Feminine, Ancestors, Divine Masculine, Star People and more.

Canadian Indigenous Directions (the majority of Medicine Wheels are found in Alberta CA)
East: Yellow, Emotional – Heart, Fire, Sun, Spring, Growth, Mineral
South: Red, Spiritual, Water, Moon, Summer, Plant
West: Black, Physical, Earth element, Earth planet, Dusk, Maturity, Autumn, Human
North: White, Mental, Air, Stars, End of Life, Winter, Animal

Tracy’s Other Energy Healing Sessions



Tracy has been a wayshower, guide and reiki master teacher for almost 20 years. Her sessions include Chakra Balancing & Pattern Release using Reiki, Reconnective, ArchAngelic Healing and other modalities, facilitating healing within chakras, bodily systems (lymphatic, etc) and organs, releasing energy blockages, patterns, beliefs and deeply held traumas while balancing the physical, emotional, mental & enery bodies. During the session Tracy is connected to, and taking direction from, your Soul, angels, guides, higher versions of Self and more, and your Soul Self gives you input and “homework” to assist in your healing, expand your awareness (and intuition if desired) and increase the flow of love and abundance in your life. Results from her Multi-Dimensional Chakra / Energy Healing + Soul Coaching are felt immediately yet continue to express long into your future! Tracy easily connects with your energy signature no matter where you physically are so a transformative session is guaranteed! *Available for individuals and groups out on the land also!   60mins/$169 or 90mins/ $239



Similar to a past life regression, a Soul Spark Retrieval reconnects you with your other versions of Self in other lives. Quantum Physics shows us that it is not past, present, future, but rather kitchen, living room, bedroom. – parallel simultaneous realities. And we can connect with other realities / timelines / incarnations to bring forth information and experiences to assist us in this life! In fact most of us already are! Yes, emotions, patterns, behaviors come through from other lives just as much as they come from family, friends, bosses, etc. Tracy connects with your Soul and they take us on a guided journey to the other lives that they wish for you to re-integrate in this NOW moment. This journey will take us to other times and places on Earth or to other dimensions, planets, galaxies, even Universes. The session begins similar to the Multi-Dimensional Healing session above, then your Soul moves us into the sphere of other lives to remember and re-integrate. The impact of re-integrating these other lives is huge, transformation always follows! Tracy’s sessions are in the spa, on the red rocks or by phone. Tracy easily connects with your energy signature whether in person or across the world so you will experience deep transformation! *Available for individuals and groups out on the land also!   60mins/$169 or 90mins/ $239