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Sedona Tachyon Chamber Energy Healing with Lauren Manzke


Everything in our room, from the paint in the walls to the blanket in your chair, is infused with Tachyon energy. The entire space is infused with the highest concentrations of Tachyon and it is balanced frequently by our engineers to ensure the best outcomes for clients. Tachyon Energy radiates from the zero point field (the core of energy, the cosmos, full unity consciousness, etc.) & the particles are subatomic so they move faster than light speed. They instantly clear, release, and leave your feeling lighter. Clients state they feel connected, more at ease, revived, and some say it helps them sleep better and have wonderful dreams. While many feel a deep re-calibration, some have experiences of speaking with angels or getting intuitive guidance during the session. We recommend enjoying quiet time post session and journaling thoughts & feelings to remind oneself of the shifts that have occurred.

tachyon energy healing Sedona AZ

Tachyon Healing with Lauren

Lauren channels code frequency (through words) to meet the unique needs of each client. With the intention of the clients, she uses this energy to activate dormant DNA and RNA in the body and create space for healing. She listens to the client’s Soul and allows that energy to clear, expand, and activate higher frequencies that are all enhanced with the Tachyon energy. $199 / 60mins or $255 / 90mins


Intuitive Crystalline Soul Healing with Lauren

Lauren is a Crystalline Soul Healing Specialist, Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer whose sessions includes reiki, chakra balancing, tachyon energy and intuitive guidance to clear any blockages and bring forth the wisdom of your Soul. As a clear channel of Divine energy, Lauren will share anything that comes through from your guides, angels, and your higher self. Each session includes Tachyon infused Rods & a Table Plate to direct the Tachyon and Reiki energies throughout your subtle and physical energy field to increase the magnitude of the healing and focus the flow of energy. In doing so, this healing allows any emotional imprints, traumas, patterns, etc. to be released, achieving optimal well-being.

If desired, Lauren can also add Light Language codes (speaking and signing) to call in particular energies of resonance or let go of others, to further calibrate your field and bring forth more calm, confident & content energy. Lauren’s healings are always in alignment with Love and with the higher self of each person, to help support your Soul’s desire for healing and awakening. 60 minute / $135 or 90 minute / $199

tachyon energy healing massage Sedona NAMTI spa

Tachyon Energy Massage

The therapist sets the intention that the energy infuses with your unique DNA to amplify the healing in the massage. $55 add-on to a 60min or 90min massage.