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We are not out of the woods for cold and flu season yet! Keep your immune system strong with a winter acupuncture tune up.

Chinese Medicine is a full medical system that has been in use for nearly 5000 years. It is the most widely practiced traditional medical system around the world. Acupuncture is the most commonly used modality in the Chinese medical system.

Qi, often defined as life force or life energy, has many functions in the body. One of those functions is to protect your body against pathogens. During the winter, your Qi moves into the deeper more yin aspects of your body, and leaves more susceptible to getting sick. Any additional imbalance with the Qi can cause you to get sick. Acupuncture helps keep your body and your Qi strong.

Already feeling sick? Getting a treatment can minimize your symptoms, and help you to heal faster.
Every person is different, and every person has a different imbalance that causes him or her to get sick. Not every cold and flu treatment is the same. When you come in for your personalized treatment, you will gat an individual diagnosis along with lifestyle and dietary advise that is catered specifically for you, and designed to maximize your health.

In a healthy, balanced individual, one acupuncture treatment every 3 months is often enough to prevent illness. More often than not, and depending on your complaint, acupuncture works best when a series of treatments can be given. We are creatures of habit, and our bodies tend to create bad habits too. After your first treatment, a treatment plan that balances effectiveness with budget can be created for you.
I look forward to meeting you this winter!

~Timoni Slusher LAc