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Wanting to incorporate the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in your life? Or feeling your practice plateau and want to deepen, reaching the next level of growth? On the red rocks & in studio, experience a new level of mind-body connection with sessions focused on expanding awareness, movement, mantra, breathwork and meditation, supported by nurturing massage therapy and more. Release emotional, mental and energetic blockages affecting your physical body and goals, bringing energetic harmony and heart coherence into your life, expanding flow, contentment, joy, love and abundance.
60mins / $119 / 1-2ppl : $219 / 3-4ppl : $319 / 5-6ppl
90mins / $159 / 1-2ppl : $299 / 3-4ppl : $429 / 5-6ppl

Vortex Yoga

We offer many different styles of yoga from Red Rock Vortex Yoga to Power to Restorative. Whether you want to learn postures (asanas) or have an established practice, our certified teachers can customize a session just for you or your group!

You can also choose to add in a LightBody meditation or Chakra Healing during your yoga session and/or enjoy yoga at the Stupa. Prices above, call to book.

Meditation & Journeys

Guided Visual Imagery (GVI) Meditation: Your customized meditation is created by your therapist from your goals & intentions. As you are guided through a journey in your mind’s eye you drop into relaxation in the NOW moment as your multi-dimensional mind expands, focusing the energy of creation to your goals. This technique takes manifesting to a new level! Prices above, call to book.

Mantra Meditation: Using tones (OM) or mantras (spoken phrases) that can be uttered or listened to, this form of meditation can rewrite brain/body patterning as well as induce deep relaxation and mindfulness. Prices above, call to book.

Movement Meditation: Walking slowly around the Stupa or Medicine Wheel, focusing on matching breath to steps, sinking deeply into a state of expanded consciousness. $40 add-on to prices above, call to book.

Breathwork & Mantra For Transformation

Focusing on breath can initiate mindfulness, keeping us in the present moment where we can inhale vitality and exhale that which no longer serves. Pranayama, the art of specific deep breathing exercises, is used to release trapped memories & emotions as well as to dissolve old fears, beliefs and patterns that hold you back from experiencing much more ease & grace in life.

Adding Mantra, repeated words and/or tones, strengthens the brain and body repatterning for optimal results. In your session you will create, with your therapist, the mantras specific to your needs to assist your transformation more highly. Prices above, call to book.